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Monday, 28 March 2016

5 Simple Tips to Keep your Office Space Organized

We all know that how an orderly and neat office space creates a way for less wasted time and higher productivity. Most of us think that organizing the office space takes a whole lot of time, which is not true. It doesn’t have to take days, organizing can be done taking little at a time.
Fact is that, maintaining an organized office space is much more effective if you see it as an on-going project, instead of looking at it as a massive thing. So if you are thinking to have a neat and organized office space, here are a few tips which can help you transform your office into an efficient workplace.
1.      Purge your Office: Just take a look at your office space and observe the things which aren’t necessary. Shred, de-clutter and get rid of the things which are no longer in use. Take your time to see what you haven’t used for quite a long time. Consider one area at a time and see if the things can be repaired and reused; if not, show them the way to the bin. This applies for unused furniture, supplies and other equipment. Not to forget the artificial plants, knick knacks and the decorations that are covered with dust; it often makes your office look shabby.

2.      Establish Work Zones: Establish the work zones to keep your office organized and neat, so that the defined activity happens only in that particular area; this avoids things messing up at office. You will probably have a main workspace (your desk), a supply area (shelves, closets and drawers) and a reference area (cabinets and binders). Make sure you use appropriate area to carry out your work.

3.      Organize your Desk and Drawers: Organizing the desk space stands in the first place when it comes to neatness. Make sure you keep your desk space clean by removing the things which are not in use and putting back only the things which are essential. Also, keep your drawers organized by placing the relevant items together in the same drawer space, like stick pads and notes, stamps and envelops, etc. It avoids clutter and provides you easy access when you need them.

4.      Clear the Piles: Pile or heap of files or any other things can add a clumsy look to your desk. Make sure you clear the heap then and there itself. Also, go through the old files and check if they are really necessary, and keep it in an appropriate place if they are necessary; dump it if they are of no use. Consider maintaining a separate tray or a folder for all those you work with. This keeps the things more organized and avoids the formation of heap.
5.      Assign Discard Dates: Assigning discard dates for the things which are in place for a long time helps you get them out. You don’t have to keep each and every piece of paper indefinitely. Give a discard date for the files and documents after which they can be tossed or shredded. Some documents and legal files have to be maintained for some specified length of time; make sure you know the length.
Not just the above mentioned points, you just have to be aware that the amount of effort you put in to create an efficient work place will certainly pay off in a great way. You can spend your time productively instead of shuffling the files and looking for the things you need.

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